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Linkin Park – Live in Madrid 2010

Linkin Park-Live in Madrid DVDRIP (2010)
Artist: Linkin Park
Title: Live in Madrid
Date: 10/11/2010
Genre: Rock
Length: 1:14:56
Track List:
01) The Requiem
02) Wretches and Kings
03) Papercut
04) New Divide
05) Faint
06) Empty Spaces
07) When They Come For Me
08) Waiting For The End
09) Wisdom, Justice and Love
10) Iridescent
11) Numb
12) The Radiance
13) Breaking The Habit
14) Shadow Of The Day
15) Fallout
16) The Catalyst
17) The Messenger
18) In The End
19) What I've Done
20) Bleed It Out
Size: 667mb

Buying A Gaming Laptop: 5 First Things You Need To Analyze

Games are prepared to be played and enjoyed. Whether it'sa physical activity or a computer game, you must definitely get the most out of it.
The place of most games these days occur in the screens of computers. Among the several video games, teenagers and older people alike play World of Warcraft, Grand Theft: San Andreas, Crysis, Dragon Age, and Ultimate Fighting Championship which are the most played. In the United States, 63 percent of the population rather play videogames in their computer than go out to the movies. To get the most of playing computer games, seize now on the latest and the hottest gaming laptops in town. But consider this five things first as you go along buying for your newest gaming laptop.

The graphics processing unit (GPU):
Running your advanced computer games features requires an efficient graphics processing unit. The GPU is a single-chip processor for operating 3D functions such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. To deliver your onscreen game's desired "stunning realism" effect, your GPUs ought to have at least 512 megabyte of video RAM to run your game's complex features. The latter, as a support system of the GPU, store the data for your game's images.

The central processing unit (CPU):
Our central processing unit or processors as we know them carries out the operations in our computers known as the instruction set. The more complex the instruction sets areof your computer games, the greater the capacity your processors should have.
To go through the supreme gaming enjoyment experience, get a gaming laptop that has a faster processor as computer game programs are becoming ever more advanced. A 3 gigahertz speed or more is a standard for gaming laptops. Most gamers, to get a faster processor, gets a dual-core CPU. A core is that part of the processor which essentially performs the reading and executing of instructions. For graphics instructions, a multi-core is preferred.
The Random Access Memory
At least a gigabyte of one or better is excellent for your gaming laptop to run faster or as the game requires it. The larger your RAM, the more able it is to assist your processor to perform faster. If you plan on storing a lot of games in your computer, obtain as much RAM as required.

The Hard Drive:
Hard drives are responsible for positioning, reading, and writing the hard disk. It also counts for the biggest amount for data storage in your computers. A 7200 rpm or revolutions per minute make for a speedy running computer program.
If you want to join more of your friends to the game, you must have put a bandwidth application to accommodate multi-player gaming. Computer games experts say that for this purpose, most gaming laptops posses two or more hard drives. With a faster hard drive you get to enjoy computer gaming so much and the whole lot of bonding with your troop.

Display and visuals:
The visuals and sounds of the computer game makes the program doubly entertaining. A 1920 X 1200 pixels is a quality image for enjoying computer gaming, especially the 3D type of games. It is also better if your video games are in blue-ray optical drives for they have clearer resolution. As they have the volume to save data as big as 25 gigabyte in a single-layer disc, the image quality of your game is favorably first-rate.
By no means disregard to look into these factors when you get your gaming laptop. Keep in mind that these factors do not work to make your laptops more sophisticated and modern but they are also to bring you a satisfied and eventful computer gaming experience.

Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Increasing Google Adsense earnings can take time. Your website or blog is crawled by Google's Googlebot and then indexed to be made available in the search results. If you write a blog post or add a new page and hope to get traffic immediately after the content is published then your not being realistic. It can take several hours or days to get found on Google search results. You can improve your chances though and get instant traffic by promoting your content to SocialNetworks, like Digg, Facebook, Delicious, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Technorati, etc. Even if your article or content is never indexed by Google, Yahoo, or Bing you can still get tons of traffic from submitting your website to other websites.
To increase Google Adsense earnings you will have to analyze how you currently earning money publishing ads on your website. Do you use Google Analytics to determine where your website traffic is coming from? You should! Analytics will tell you exactly what people are searching for when they come to your site, where they spend most of the time, and even what country they're from. By knowing all of these things you will be able to focus your attention towards a specific demographic or market. If some articles get no traffic, and other get thousands of hits. Well it's pretty obvio
us on what type of content you should focus your writing on.
Ad placement is huge. Look at other competitor sites. Are they using text link ads or image ads. Where are they placing their Google Adsense Ads? Do you ads compare to theirs? If your struggling to get results then try copying other websites Google Adsense strategies and see if any thing changes. If your results get worse, then try again, if they get better then don't think your done because they could probably be better. Always remember to place your Google Adsense ads in areas that look attractive on your website. Make the ads look and feel like they are part of the site. Don't annoy people with bad ad placement and never force them to click on the ads.
To increase Google Adsense earnings and traffic to your website start researching keywords and keyword phrases. Use the Google Keyword Tool to see the exact phrases and words people are searching for in the Google Search Engine. Try looking for keywords and phrases that have less traffic and less people advertising. These phrases are often easier to get ranked on the first page. As you learn more about search engine optimization you'll eventually find ways to get organic or unpaid traffic from Google search results. You can literally save thousands of dollars by writing good titles and quality content for your website and never have to advertise a cent.

Choosing Among The Many Yamaha Acoustic Guitars!!

Yamaha acoustic guitars are well known all over the world. They are known for the excellent value offered for the money spent. Some of the models are also considered as the best sounding ones available in the market. So if you are looking forward to purchasing an acoustic guitar you can surely get one of these. Yamaha guitars have established their brand name in the field of music and the instruments are known for their quality and durability.

If you want to become an acoustic guitar player you need to consider buying one of these guitars. There are various models of these instruments. Before buying it is better to know the different types as it will help you to choose the best type that is suitable for you. The different models include the F Series, the FG Series and the LSeries.
Models of Yamaha Guitars
The F Series instruments are similar to other Yamaha guitars and are the top preference for beginners who are just starting to play these instruments. The FG Series is the one chosen by musicians who are over 40 years of age and still continue to play the guitar. These guitars are well known for their value, quality, playability and dependability. The L Series are created with unique craftsmanship and are known for their artistic beauty.
Yamaha acoustic guitars are the best musical instruments for beginners. These guitars are known to last long and stay with you for as long as you want. They will provide you with years of playing pleasure. You will not have any kind of problem while using these instruments. If you use the guitar properly you can easily become an expert musician.
Since there are a number of models from Yamaha, people maybe a little confused about choosing the best model. If you are not able to afford a new one you can also pick one of the used models. If you want to buy used ones you may even end up buying one of the classic models. Check for the wear and tear before buying the used ones. Do some research and gather some knowledge about the history of the guitar. Sometimes you will also be able to get the accessories along with it.
If you can spend some extra money you should purchase brand new Yamaha acoustic guitars. Choose the right size and model that you are comfortable with. If you are a beginner look for cheaper varieties initially and then go on to purchase expensive varieties once you master the instrument.These guitars can be purchased from a specialty music store. If you want to get a good deal try shopping online. You will be able to find good models for reasonable rates.
To learn more about guitars, Click Here!

Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

There are a lot of methods and Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners guides and courses today but also a lot of difference between those methods to learn to play guitar. I will try to guide you to take the right decision based upon your personal goals.
This article is about “Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners”. More subject related articles will follow later on.
Yes! It’s possible. You can take easy guitar lessons without ever spending a dime. Following you will find four easy lessons to aid you in learning how to play the guitar.
Easy Guitar Lessons Number 1: How to hold a guitar.
Normally, you play the guitar on the leg. You’ll be strumming using your dominant hand so the guitar goes to the side of your dominant hand as well. Keep the guitar nice and straight, nice and close. Sometimes the guitar slides off your leg while playing because you bend your back to look at the placement of your fingers on the frets. This is quite normal for guitar players. But, it is important to stay away from bad habits while you’re just starting. So again, keep the guitar nice and straight, nice and close.
Easy Guitar Lessons Number 2: Getting to know the chord chart.
For the six chords you will be learning today, you will be focusing on the four first frets of the guitar. Frets, by the way, are the spaces between the metal vertical lines on the guitar. As there are six strings on the guitar, there will be 6 horizontal lines as well on the diagram representing the strings. Your fingers will be numbered 1-3 starting from the index finger.
Easy Guitar Lesson Number 3: The three basic chords.
The first chord you will need to study is the D chord. Finger #1 and #2 will be positioned on the second fret. Finger #1 will be on the third string while finger #2 will be on the first string. Finger #3 will be positioned on the third fret on the second string.

The second chord to study is the E chord which is one of the ideal chords for beginners to learn. Finger #1 is positioned on the first fret on the third string. Finger #2 and #3 will be on the second fret. Finger #2 will be positioned on the fifth string while finger #3 will be on the fourth string. Follow the diagram below.
The A chord is also one of the easiest chords to master. This chord can be played in more than one way but this is the basic method. All Fingers #1, #2, #3 are all positioned on the second fret. Finger #1 goes to the fourth string, finger #2 goes to the third string and Finger #3 is positioned on the second string. Refer below.
Easy Guitar Lesson Number 4: Strumming and changing chords.
The first three chords will now enable you to play some tunes with one additional step which is the strumming. Strumming your guitar is a fundamental skill to be learned. It is done by moving your dominant hand up and down on the strings. Always keep your hands moving. Don’t rush. Start slowly till you have strumming perfected. Start off slow then build up your speed gradually. The chords should ring out with no buzzing and only play the strings of that chord shown on the chordchart. On changing chords, master the basic cords. Set the beat. Change to the different chord before starting the next beat. To learn how to change chords and strum more effectively, practice on your favorite song with a slowbeat.

These easy guitar lessons were designed to be a self-help tool for you.
And if you are tired of being an average guitarist then Click Here
Enjoy Playing Guitar!!

Network Attached Storage - Under the hood

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a type of storage space system that may be linked to a data network. A NAS is useful for storage relevant to non mission-critical data. It is less costly and simpler to maintain compared to a Storage Area Network (SAN) but does not quite deliver the performance a powerful organization can acquire from a SAN.
File transfer protocols supported by NAS include Network File System, Common Internet File System, File Transfer Protocol, etc. NAS servers give versatility interms of connection to the network; this can be done either via the Ethernet or a fiber channel network. Nowadays you can even get wireless 802.11 NAS devices. The good thing about NAS devices lies in their simpleness, they could be created using virtually any hard drive technology however they are usually developed using Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI). NAS devices may also be used for many other storage techniques such as magnetic tape,CD, and DVD.
NAS offers the following advantages -
01. Quicker access to saved data via the LAN.
02. Lower costs since the RAID arrays are a part of the LAN.
03. Straight forward to set up, are usually installed and operating in under half an hour.
These types of properties of NAS storage plus its low cost of ownership ensure it is well suited for SMBs. A twin benefit of Raid 5 NAS is the fact that it enables administrators to either enhance or consolidate the storage infrastructure. Storage growth is practically unlimited as one is free of the restriction of storage capabilities of individual servers as well as the amount of drives they are able to hold. At the same time, one NAS set-up is good enough to replace several data file servers that are operating separately, this leads to consolidation. NAS is often run on commonly accessible os's for example Windows. NAS status could be checked out via everywhere on the LAN, this gives storage administrators a chance to diagnose problems and alter NAS configurations when required.
NAS system performance is dependent upon the drive support, the number of disks in use as well as the overall capacity. SATA hard disks that offer excellent low-cost mass storage are most preferred. SCSI hard disks are also available. Because the NAS utilizes the LAN for data transfer often there is a chance of a bottleneck developing some time over the LAN, generally it's the network interface that creates problems. If utilizing a NAS, search for products which support Gigabit Ethernet for speedy data transfer as well as numerous connections so that network load is spread and interface redundancy is supplied.
When purchasing a NAS solution keep security in mind and check out vendors that include native encryption using the system.

What are the differences between Virus, Worms, Trojan and Spyware??

We all have heard the terms Virus, Worms, Trojans and Spyware but only a few of us know the difference between them.

We generally consider everything that is detected by an antivirus as virus, but this is not the case.The antivirus not only provides protection against viruses but it also protects us from Trojans, Worms and Spywares. All these can be harmful to your computer hardware and software. Today I will differentiate all these terms from each other.
1.Virus: A virus is a self replicating program that attaches itself to an executable file. When the file is executed the virus automatically gets executed and enters into system memory. Once it enters into system memory it either searches for other files that can be infected or stays in the background and infects the files that uses the virus infected program.
2.Worms: Worms are very similar to viruses but differ in the way that they do not bind themselves to the executable files, instead to replicate themselves they use the network. If you find excessive use of your network bandwidth then you may be infected by a Worm. So, a Worm does not require a user to execute any file, for its execution it can work without user intervention.
3.Trojan Horse: A Trojan Horse is a harmful program which may seem harmless to the user before its installation, but instead it is programmed or reverse engineered to facilitate unauthorized remote access to the computer. Trojans do not replicate themselves.
4.Spyware: A Spyware is a program that secretly monitors and collects pieces of information. They usually run in stealth mode and cannot be detected easily. Keyloggers are great examples of Spyware softwares. There are not limited to just spying, but can also send data to remote computers.
Now here I'm providing you the list of most harmful Viruses and Worms in the history of computers:
Storm Worm
Leap-A/Oompa- A
Sasser and Netsky
MyDome (Novarg)
SQL Slammer / Sapphire
Code Red and Code Red II
The Klez

VA-German Top 100 Single Charts

Artist: VA
Title: German Top 100 Single Charts
01 Bruno Mars – Grenade 03:42
02 Lady Gaga – Born This Way 04:21
03 Sunrise Avenue – Hollywood Hills 03:32
04 Adele – Rolling In The Deep 03:48
05 Rihanna – S&M (Come On) 04:04
06 Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull – On The Floor 06:26
07 Chris Brown – Yeah 3X 03:58
08 Hurts – Stay 03:55
09 Milow – You and Me (In My Pocket) 03:16
10 Martin Solveig and Dragonette – Hello 03:12
11 Taio Cruz Feat. Kylie Minogue – Higher 03:10
12 Usher – More 03:46
13 The Black Eyed Peas – Just Cant Get Enough 03:40
14 Die Atzen Feat. Nena – Strobo Pop 03:14
15 Flo Rida – Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1) 03:23
16 Enrique Iglesias Feat. Ludacris – Tonight (Im LovinYou) 03:52
17 Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – E.T. 03:51
18 Jay Sean Feat. Lil Wayne– Down 03:33
19 Snoop Dogg – Sweat 03:50
20 Take That – Kidz 04:42
21 Caro Emerald – A Night Like This 02:51
22 Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are 03:41
23 Roxette – Shes Got Nothing On (But The Radio) 03:37
24 Pink – Fuckin Perfect 03:35
25 Natalia Kills – Mirrors 03:19
26 Israel Kamakawiwoole – Over The Rainbow 03:32
27 Lena – Taken by A Stranger 03:24
28 Beth Ditto – I Wrote TheBook 03:25
29 Madcon – Freaky Like Me 03:09
30 Jupiter Jones – Still 03:58
31 Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People 04:35
32 Culcha Candela – Berlin City Girl 03:47
33 David Guetta Feat. Rihanna – Whos That Chick 02:46
34 Diddy Dirty Money Feat. Skylar Grey – Coming Home 03:59
35 The Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit) 04:14
36 Katy Perry – Firework 03:48
37 Milk & Sugar Vs. Vaya Con Dios – Hey (Nah Neh Nah) 05:53
38 Revolverheld – Halt DichAn Mir Fest 03:32
39 Bullmeister – Girls Beutiful 05:47
40 Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand 02:20
41 Avril Lavigne – What TheHell 03:39
42 Clueso – Zu Schnell Vorbei 03:56
43 Linkin Park – Burning In The Skies 04:13
44 Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude 03:53
45 Aloe Blacc – Loving You Is Killing Me 03:26
46 Unheilig – Geboren Um Zu Leben 03:51
47 The Naked and Famous –Young Blood 04:07
48 Medina – Gutter 03:33
49 Hurts – Wonderful Life 04:17
50 Herbert Gro”nemeyer – Schiffsverkehr 04:00
51 Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World) 03:56
52 Zaz – Je Veux 05:46
53 Onerepublic – Good Life 04:06
54 White Apple Tree – Snowflakes 03:56
55 Guano Apes – Oh What ANight 03:11
56 Take That – The Flood 04:49
57 Usher Feat. Pitbull – DJ Got Us Fallin In Love 03:42
58 Finger Kadel – Wahnsinn 02:45
59 Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up 03:13
60 Fler – Minutentakt 03:47
61 Pitbull Feat. T-Pain – Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) 03:55
62 Far East Movement Feat.Ryan Tedder – Rocketeer 03:31
63 Adam Lambert – Sleepwalker 04:22
64 Mads Langer – Youre Not Alone 03:07
65 Madcon – Glow 03:53
66 I Blame Coco – Self Machine 03:49
67 Within Temptation – Faster 04:25
68 Spongebob – Lecker Lecker 03:23
69 Far East Movement Feat.Catara – Like A G6 03:39
70 Rihanna Feat. Drake – Whats My Name 04:23
71 Travie Mccoy – Billionaire 03:09
72 Plastik Funk – Everybody Dance Now 2011 06:31
73 Alexis Jordan – Happines04:19
74 Nelly – Just A Dream 03:58
75 Britney Spears – Hold ItAgainst Me 03:50
76 Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar 03:25
77 Materia – Sekundenschlaf 03:35
78 Pink – Raise Your Glass 03:24
79 DJ Antoine Vs Timati Feat. Kalenna – Welcome ToSt. Tropez 03:14
80 Neon Trees – Animal 03:31
81 James Blunt – Stay The Night 03:36
82 Ute Freudenberg Feat. Lais – Auf Den Da”chern Von Berlin 04:01
83 Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner– Sky and Sand 03:50
84 Shakira Feat. Freshlyground – Waka Waka(This Time For Africa) 03:23
85 Ne-Yo – Beautiful Monster 04:12
86 Taio Cruz – Dynamite 03:24
87 Unheilig – Winterland 03:54
88 Rockstroh – Wolke 7 03:39
89 Adele – Set Fire To The Rain 04:02
90 A-Ha – Summer Moved On 04:38
91 Gossip – Heavy Cross 04:04
92 Clueso – Gewinner 03:41
93 Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta – Club Cant Handle Me 03:53
94 Bosse – Weit Weg 03:44
95 Leona Lewis – Run 04:39
96 Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream 03:19
97 Eminem Feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie 04:23
98 Shakira Feat. Dizzee Rascal – Loca 03:14
99 Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup – We No Speak Americano 04:30
100 Lady Antebellum – Need You Now 04:38


Within Temptation-The Unforgiving(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Within Temptation
Album: The Unforgiving
Released: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Symphonic Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3 – 320 kbps
Duration: 53:42
Size: 120 MB
01. Why Not Me
02. Shot In The Dark
03. In The Middle Of TheNight
04. Faster
05. Fire And Ice
06. Iron
07. Where Is The Edge?
08. Sinead
09. Lost
10. Murder
11. A Demon’s Fate
12. Stairway To The Skies


NFS Shift 2 Unleashed Repack

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 2011
Genre: Racing / Simulator
Won critical acclaim for a series of Need for Speed ​​returns to the track with a new game Shift 2 Unleashed. Virtual racing fans can once again experience the atmosphere of this event and experience joy, conquering challenging tracks at high speeds.
OS: Windows XP (SP3) or Vista (SP2) or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz/ AMD X2 64 2.4 GHz
Hard Drive: 7 GB
VGA: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D-accelerated 512 MB videocard with Shader Model 3.0 or higher

Click the Links below to download:


Metal Videos

Amon Amarth - Bastards Of A Lying Breed (Live)


Artillery - Warrior Blood - (2011)


ARCANIA - No end


Blackguard - Firefight (Live on Fuel TV)


KATAKLYSM - At The Edge of The World(2011)


The Dead Lay Waiting - The Days I'm Gone(2011)


What are the Differences Between Intel Pentium D, Core Duo, Dual 2 Core and Pentium Dual Core?

Difference between Intel Dual Core VS Core 2 Duo
Which one is Fast & Better Performer Intel Pentium D VS Core 2 Duo VS Dual Core
Comparison between Dual Core VS Core 2 Duo in simple language.
Confused about the difference between Pentium D vsDual Core vs Core Duo vs Core 2Duo ? Well here is the explanation.
First of all, let me tell you that Dual Core is a name of "class" or architecture of processors which refers to any processor (weather its Intel or AMD) with two cores on the same chip. Whereas Intel Core or Intel Core2Duo is a registered trademark [™] of the Intel Corporation. Many peoples, evengeeks sometimes gets confusion between Core 2 Duo & Dual Core or Dual Core & Core Duo. The fact is all the above mentioned processors are Dual Core processors.
What is Dual Core Architecture:
Once upon a time when human realized that in a normal atmosphere its not possible to increase the CPU Clock speed above standard levels because of too much heat generated by CPU, Both Intel & AMD have hit the Clock speed boundary line. Heat is enemy of any processor and high clock speed means high heat andthat means errors or “BOOM”. Desperate need of more speed ( faster processing) is the basic reason of why technology turned or shifted to Dual Core. So rather then increasing the clock speed of Processor it was decided to put two CPUs in One. That is what we call Two Cores or Dual Core. Nowadays Quad Cores (4 cores) and even Dual Quad Cores (8 Cores) are there in market.
In a layman’s tongue here's an example. Let's say a single core (Pentium 4) is a two lane road with traffic running at 100kmph, and a Dual Core is a four lane road with a traffic running at 100kmph, and a Quad core is eight lanes running at 100kmph. All lanes (cores) are running at the same speed, but more lanes (cores) can pass a lot more traffic (Information or Data) than a single.
Dual core technology refers to two individual microprocessors on a single die cast chip.

This is essentially two processing units (CPUs) in one. The advantage of a dual core chip is that tasks can be carried out in parallel streams, decreasing processing time.
Now lets see the difference & Compare all of them line by line as per their release sequence. Intel has, several dual core processors mentioned below.
1. Intel Pentium D:
The early model for desktops. CPU comprised two dies, each containing a single core  residing next to each other on a multi chip module.

Pentium D is slower than any one of the below, It consumes higher power and so it gives more heat and even its not good in terms of Over Clocking.
2. Intel Core Duo:
The Core brand refers to Intel’s 32-bit mobile dual-core x86 CPUs that derived from  the Pentium M branded processors.

The Core brand comprised two branches: Duo (dual-core) and Solo (Duo with one disabled core, which replaced the Pentium M brand of single-core mobile processor). Core Duo was Intel's first dual-core CPU for laptops. It's a whole new architecture, using two cores on a single die, which simply, gives you two chips in one package. Running at lower speeds than the old Pentium line.
The Core Duo conserves substantial power & racketing up clock speed while offering what was, at the time, record-breaking performance.
3. Intel Core 2 Duo:
The Core 2 brand refers to a range of Intel's consumer 64-bit x86-64 Single, Dual  and Quad Core CPUs based on the Intel Core micro architecture.

The single and Dual Core models are single die, whereas the Quad Core models comprise of two dies, each containing two cores, packaged in a multi-chip module.
Core 2 Duo processors are much popular these days, It has more powerful Dual Core chip, The best performer, It consumes less power in comparison to any of the above mentioned CPU. No over heating issues, it runs cool and a perfect Over Clocker. Once“I” overclocked my Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66Ghz)  to 4 Ghz on airwith Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer. System was completely stable and temps were awesome.
4. Intel Pentium Dual Core:
The Pentium Dual Core, which we found to be an excellence choice for overclockers on a low budget, is based on the popular Core 2 architecture.

In fact, the processor cores are  the same, but the CPU comes with only 1 MB L2 cache instead of 2 MB or even 4 MB. In addition, some features, such as Intel's Virtualization Technology (VT) are disabled. The result is a castrated Core 2 Duo processor, using the small cache size and limited to 1.6 to 2.0 GHz clock speed at FSB 800 system speed.
Intel Pentium Dual Core are based on either the 32-bit Yonah (T2060, T2080, and T2130for notebooks with 1mb L2 cache) or 64-bit Allendale (E2140,E2160 and E2180 for desktops with 1mb L2 cache)
Later on Aug 2008, the 45nm E5200 Wolfdale Launched for mobile or desktop computers with larger 2mb L2 cache and 2.5Ghz clock speed. This model is highly suggested in terms of over clocking. The best over clocker in such cheap price, with some enthusiasts reaching over 6GHz clock speed using Liquid Nitrogen cooling.
Intel Dual Core processors are downgraded version of Core 2 Duo, less expensive with smaller cache, but still very adequate for general mainstream computer use. In terms of performance its more or less equal to Core 2 Duos. Intel launched it with very low cost to grab the lower end market. Intel Pentium Dual Core Processors are less power consumer (65W) in comparison of Pentium D (130W). Though it has a smaller L2 cache, it has proven to be much faster than the Pentium D under the test of CPU hungry applications.

US terrorist attack warnings to be made on Twitter and Facebook

The terror alert system brought in by the US government after the 9/11 attacks is to be scrapped and replaced with warnings on Twitter and Facebook.
Under a new system set to be introduced on 27 April, US terror alerts will have just two levels – elevated and imminent – and sometimes be broadcast on social networking websites.
The colour-coded warnings introduced almost 10 years ago will be phased out in the move – a big departure for security officials who have struggled with how much information to reveal about terror plots.
A 19-page Homeland Security document outlining the plans was obtained by the Associated Press. It describes the behind-the-scenes process when the US comes under attack.
Terror alerts may be broadcast on Twitter and Facebook only"when appropriate", according to the hit her to top-secret document. Terror threats are made public only when members of Congress, various counter-terrorism officials, governors and mayors have been informed. The document even specifies how many minutes US officials can wait before organising urgent conference calls to discuss pending threats.
The new advisory system is designed to be easier to understand and more specific. The present warning levels have been lampooned by comedians and criticised by TV broadcasters for being too vague and open to interpretation.
According to the draft plan, the Homeland Security unit will issue targeted warnings based on the threat. For example, if there is a specific threat that terrorists are looking to hide explosives in US airports, the government might issue a public warning that would be announced in airports telling travellers to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
Under the new system, an "elevated" alert would warn of a credible threat against the US. It would likely not specify timing nor targets, but it could reveal terrorist trends that intelligence officials believe should be shared in order to prevent an attack.
An "imminent" alert would warn about a credible, specific and impending terrorist threat or an ongoing attack against the US.

Find the SEX of your Computer!!

To find out the gender of your computer follow the instructions below:

1. Open your notepad
2. Copy and paste the following line:
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"
3. Save it. (file > save as > love.vbs)
4. Double click it.
If you hear a male voice, you have a boy; if woman’s, it’s a girl.
Mine is male!!

iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 05

Artist: VA
Title: iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 05
01. Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are
02. Katy Perry - California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
03. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Feat. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock)
04. P!nk - Fuckin� Perfect
05. Pitbull - Hey Baby (DropIt to the Floor) [Feat. T-Pain]
06. Ricky Martin - The Best Thing About Me Is You (Feat. Joss Stone)
07. Tinie Tempah - Written In the Stars (Feat. Eric Turner)
08. Tino Coury - Diary
09. Troop 41 - Do the John Wall
10. Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk (2010)


iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 04

Artist: VA
Title: iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 04
01. 3OH!3 - Hit It Again
02. Birdman - Fire Flame (Feat. Lil Wayne)
03. DJ Khaled - Welcome to My Hood (Feat. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T Pain)
04. Ingrid Michaelson - Parachute
05. Jamie Foxx - Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake)
06. Ke$ha - Sleazy (The Remix) [Feat. Andre 3000]
07. Nicki Minaj - Roman’s Revenge (Feat. Lil Wayne)
08. Pendulum - Crush (RadioEdit)
09. Sean Kingston - Party All Night (Sleep All Day)
10. Usher - Hush


iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 03

Artist: VA
Title: iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 03
01. Adele - Rolling In the Deep
02. Darius Rucker - Together, Anything’s Possible
03. David Guetta - Who’s That Chick (Feat. Rihanna)
04. Jessie J - Do It Like a Dude
05. Majic Massey - BirthdayGirl
06. Take That - The Flood
07. The Saturdays - Higher (Feat. Flo Rida)
08. Westlife - Safe
09. Wisin & Yandel - No Dejemos Que Se Apague (Feat. 50 Cent & T-Pain)
10. Yellowcard - For You and Your Denial


iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 02

Artist: VA
Title: iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 02
Track List:
01. Alexz Johnson - Boogie Love (Remix)
02. Gorillaz - Doncamatic (Feat. Daley)
03. Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock
04. Marsha Ambrosius - Far Away
05. Martin Solveig - Hello (Feat. Dragonette)
06. Natalia Kills - Mirrors
07. Rihanna - What's My Name 08. Skillz - 2010 Rap Up
09. Snoop Dogg - Wet
10. Tino Coury - Up Against the Wall


No Bragging Rights-Illuminator(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: No Bragging Rights
Album: Illuminator
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: MP3
01 Beautiful And Spineless
02 6th & Main
03 Weeding Out The Weak
04 Cease Fire (Interlude)
05 Illuminator
06 Empire: Disarray
07 The Prospect
08 Blind Faith
09 Recognition
10 And They Threatened UsWith Fire
11 Death of An Era


Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Blackfield
Album: Welcome To My DNA
Release Date: 2011
Label: Kscope Records
Size: 91 MB
Genre: Progressive Rock
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. Glass House 2:57
02. Go to Hell 3:04
03. Rising of the Tide 3:50
04. Waving 3:56
05. Far Away 2:49
06. Dissolving with the Night 4:08
07. Blood 3:21
08. On the Plane 3:42
09. Oxygen 3:06
10. Zigota 5:06
11. DNA 3:49