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Maroon 5 - iTunes Session EP(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Maroon 5
Album: iTunes Session (EP)
Genre: Pop
Label: A&M
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
02. Misery
03. Better That We Break
04. She Will Be Loved
05. Secret
06. Little of Your Time


Adam Lambert - Glam Nation Live (2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Adam Lambert
Album: Glam Nation Live
Released: 2011
Style: Pop rock
Format: MP3 213Kbps
Size: 97 Mb
01 - Voodoo
02 - Down The Rabbit Hole
03 - Ring Of Fire
04 - Fever
05 - Sleepwalker
06 - Interlude
07 - Whataya Want From Me
08 - Soaked
09 - Aftermath
10 - Interlude II
11 - Sure Fire Winners
12 - Strut
13 - Music Again
14 - Interlude III
15 - If I Had You
16 - 20th Century Boy


Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Sum 41
Title: Screaming Bloody Murder
Genre: Punk Rock | Alt.Rock
Release Dtae: 2011
Size: 80 mb
01. Reason To Believe
02. Screaming Bloody Murder
03. Skumfuk
04. Time For You To Go
05. Jessica Kill
06. What I Am To Say
07. Holy Image Of Lies
08. Sick Of Everyone
09. Happiness Machine
10. Crash 11.Blood In My Eyes
12. Baby You Fon't Wanna Know
13. Back Where I Belong
14. Exit Song
15. Reason To Believe (Acoustic)
16. We're The Same


The Beatles - Rubber Soul Remastered(2009)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: The Beatles
Title: Rubber Soul
Label: Parlophone
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2009
Time: 00:35:26
Size: 53.97 mb
01. Drive My Car 2:28
02. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 2:04
03. You Won't See Me 3:20
04. Nowhere Man 2:43
05. Think For Yourself 2:18
06. The Word 2:43
07. Michelle 2:42
08. What Goes On 2:48
09. Girl 2:31
10. I'm Looking Through You2:26
11. In My Life 2:26
12. Wait 2:14
13. If I Needed Someone 2:22
14. Run For Your Life 2:21


Eminem - The Shady Project(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Eminem
Title: The Shady Project
Genre: Rap
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. Eminem Dj Lennox Intro
02. G.O.A.T
03. Eminem Interlude
04. The Apple
05. I Get Money
06. Eminem Speaks
07. Things Get Worse Feat B.O.B
08. Going Crazy [Feat. Swifty Mcvay, Kuniva]
09. Oh No
10. Magic [Feat. French Montana]
11. That's All She Wrote [Feat. T.I.]
12. Celebrity [Feat. Akon LLoyd Banks]
13. Emulate [Feat. Obie Trice] (New Version)
14. Fly Away [Feat. Just Blaze]
15. Ballin Do Me
16. Dudey [Feat. Obie Trice]
17. Wee Wee

Enrique Iglesias - Compelete Discography

Enrique Iglesias Discography

Enrique Iglesias - Enrique Iglesias (1995)

01. No Llores Por Mi
02. Trapecista
03. Por Amarte
04. Si Tu Te Vas
05. Si Juras Regresar
06. Experiencia Religiosa
07. Falta Tanto Amor
08. Inalcanzable
09. Muneca Cruel
10. Inventame

Enrique Iglesias - Vivir (1997)

01 Enamorado Por Primera Vez
02. Al Despertar
03. Lluvia Cae
04. Tu Vacio
05. Solo En Ti
06. Miente
07. Vivire y Morire
08. Volvere
09. El Muro

Enrique Iglesias - Cosas del Amor (1998)

01. Nunca Te Olvidare
02. Cosas del Amor
03. Esperanza
04. Desnudo
05. Contigo
06. Alguien Como Tu
07. Sirena
08. Para de Jugar
09. Dicen Por Ahi
10. Ruleta Rusa

Enrique Iglesias - Enrique (1999)

01. Rhythm Divine
02. Be With You
03. I Have Always Loved You
04. Sad Eyes
05. I'm Your Man
06. Oyeme (Listen)
07. Could I Have This Kiss Forever
08. You're My #1
09. Alabao
10. Bailamos
11. Ritmo Total
12. Mas Es Amar (Sad Eyes)
13. No Puedo Mas Sin Ti (I'mYourMan)

Enrique Iglesias - Escape (2001)

01. Escape
02. Don't Turn Off the Lights
03. Love to See You Cry
04. Hero
05 I Will Survive 06. Love 4 Fun
07. Maybe
08. One Night Stand
09. She Be the One
10. If the World Crashes Down
11. Escapar
12. No Apagues la Luz
13. Heroe
14. Hero
15. Maybe
16. To Love a Woman

Enrique Iglesias - Quizas(2002)

01. Tres Palabras
02. Para Que La Vida
03. La Chica de Ayer
04. Mentiroso
05. Quizas
06. Pienso en Ti
07. Marta
08. Sueltame las Riendas
09. Mamacita
10. Mentiroso
11. No Apagues La Luz

Enrique Iglesias - Seven (2003)

01. Not in Love
02. The Way You Touch Me
03. Say It
04. California Callin
05. Addicted
06. Break Me Shake Me
07. Free
08. Be Yourself
09. Wish You Were Here (With Me)
10. You Rock Me
11. Roamer
12. Live It Up Tonight

Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac (2007)

01 - Ring My Bells
02 - Push Ft. Lil' Wayne
03 - Do You Know [The PingPong Song]
04 - Somebody's Me
05 - On Top Of You
06 - Tired Of Being Sorry
07 - Miss You
08 - Wish I Was Your Lover
09 - Little Girl
10 - Stay Here Tonight
11 - Sweet Isabel
12 - Don't You Forget About Me
13 - Dimelo [Do You Know]
14 - Alguien Soy Yo [Somebody's Me]
15 - Amigo Vulnerable [TiredOf Being Sorry]
Bonus Tracks
16 - Hero [Thunderpuss Edit]
17 - Not In Love Ft Kelis [Armand Van Helden Club Mix]

Enrique Iglesias - Greatest Hits (2008)

01. Bailamos (Single Mix)
02. Away (Feat. Sean Garrett )
03. Hero
04. Be With You
05. Takin' Back My Love (Feat. Ciara )
06. Rhythm Divine
07. Do You Know? (The PingPong Song)
08. Tired of Being Sorry
09. Escape
10. Could I Have This Kiss Forever (Video Edit / MetroMix with Whitney Houston )
11. Not in Love (Video Edit /Radio Mix - featuring Kelis )
12. Don't Turn Off the Lights
13. Love to See You Cry
14. Maybe
15. Addicted
16. Somebody's Me
17. Can You Hear Me

Enrique Iglesias - Euphoria(2010)

01. I Like It (Feat. Pitbull)
02. One Day At A Time (Feat. Akon) 03. Heartbeat (Feat. Nicole Scherzing
04. Dirty Dancer (Feat. Usher)
05. Why Not Me 06. No Me Digas Que No (Feat. Wisin & Yandel)
07. Ayer
08. Cuando Me Enamoro (Feat. Juan Luis Guerra)
09. Dile Que
10. T¨² y Yo
11. Heartbreaker
12. Coming Home
13. Everything ¡¯s Gonna Be Alright
14. No Me Digas Que No


Title: ONE X
Genre: Rock | Post-Grunge | Alt. Rock
Release Date: 2007
Audio Codec: Mp3
1. It's All Over
2. Pain
3. Animal I Have Become
4. Never Too Late
5. On My Own
6. Riot
7. Get Out Alive
8. Let It Die
9. Over and Over
10. Time Of Dying
11. Gone Forever
12. One X


Taylor Swift-Unreleased Song(2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Taylor Swift
Title: Unreleased Song
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. All Night Diner
02. Better Off
03. Closest To A Cowboy
04. Fearless (Demo)
05. I¡¯m Every Woman
06. Drive All Night
07. I Heart Question Mark (Demo)
08. I Know What I Want
09. Look At You Like That
10. My Cure (Studio)
11. Never Mind
12. Oh My My My
13. Songs About You
14. Stupid Boy
15. Sweet Tea And God¡¯s Graces
16. Ten Dollars And A Six Pack
17. The Diary Of Me
18. Thinking About You
19. This Is Really Happening
20. Tim McGraw (Demo)
21. We Were Happy
22. What Do You Say
23. Your Face

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby (2011)(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Avril Lavigne
Album: Goodbye Lullaby
Genre: Pop Rock
Release Date 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01 Avril Lavigne - Black Star
02 Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
03 Avril Lavigne - Push
04 Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here
05 Avril Lavigne - Smile
06 Avril Lavigne - Stop Standing There
07 Avril Lavigne - I Love You
08 Avril Lavigne - Everybody Hurts
09 Avril Lavigne - Not Enough
10 Avril Lavigne - 4 Real
11 Avril Lavigne - Darlin
12 Avril Lavigne - Remember When
13 Avril Lavigne - Goodbye
14 Avril Lavigne - Alice (hidden track)
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:-
15. Avril Lavigne - What The Hell (Acoustic Version)
16. Avril Lavigne - Push (Acoustic Version)
17. Avril Lavigne - Wish You WereHere (Acoustic Version)
18. Avril Lavigne - Bad Reputation

Sick Puppies-Polar Opposite(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Sick Puppies
Title: Polar Opposite
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release date: 2011
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 256 kbps
01 You're Going Down (Acoustic Version)
02 Riptide (Acoustic Version)
03 Maybe (Acoustic Version)
04 Odd One (Acoustic Version)
05 Dont Walk Away (Acoustic Version)
06 All The Same (Acoustic Version)
07 White Balloons (Acoustic Version)

iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 1(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: VA
Title: iTunes Singles Pack Vol. 01
01. Avril Lavigne - What theHell
02. Britney Spears - Hold ItAgainst Me
03. Bruno Mars - Grenade
04. Eliza Doolittle - Rollerblades
05. Kanye West & Jay-Z - H.A.M
06. Ke$ha - We R Who We R
07. Keke Palmer - The One You Call
08. Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz)
09. Roxette - She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
10. Taio Cruz - Imagine

Skillet - Awake(Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Skillet
Album: Awake
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2009
Audio Codec: Mp3
1. Hero
2. Monster
3. Don’t Wake me
4. Awake and Alive
5. One Day to Late
6. It’s not me it’s you
7. Should’ve when you Could’ve
8. Believe
9. Forgiven
10. Sometimes
11. Never Surrender
12. Lucy

As Blood Runs Black–Instinct [2011]

Artist: As Blood Runs Black
Album: Instinct
Genre: DeathCore
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. Triumph (0:41)
02. Legacy (3:34)
03. Resist (3:01)
04. Angel City Gamble (3:36)
05. Reborn (3:12)
06. Tribulations (1:47)
07. Divided (3:03)
08. King of Thieves (3:35)
09. In Honor (3:05)
10. Echoes of an Era (4:02)
11. Instinct (3:49)

Yellowcard–When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes[2011](Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Yellowcard
Album: When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes
Genre: Alt. Rock | Pop Punk
Release Date: 2011
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. The Sound Of You And Me
02. For You, And Your Denial
03. With You Around
04. Hang You Up
05. Life Of Leaving Home
06. Hide
07. Soundtrack
08. Sing For Me
09. See Me Smiling
10. Be The Young

Use Your Pen Drive as RAM (Easy Tutorial)

One of the best ways of using Pen Drive is as a temporary storage device i.e. RAM for our system, to increase the general boot up speed and also operational speed of the system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, all you need is a pen drive of minimum 1GB memory.

Now go with the following steps:
1. Insert the Pen Drive with 1GB at least in the USB port, better to prefer 4GB .
2. Wait for the PC to detect the pen drive.
3. After detecting it, there is a real and smart thing to do.
4. Right click on My Computer--> Properties.
5. Advanced--> Performance Settings.
6. Advanced--> Change.
7. Select the Pen Drive.
8. Click on Custom Size. “Check the value of space available”
9. Enter the same in the Initial and Max columns. “Here you just used the space of Pen Drive as a Virtual Memory”.
10. Now restart your PC . Finally check the general start up time and also speed of your PC . So, you can have a high speed system in low cost.

Warning: Miley Cyrus Sick Video Scam on Facebook

After a week of lull, I came across a new Facebook scam which is spreading rapidly among users. The new scam posts an update or likes a web page on Facebook about a Miley Cyrus video.

The new Facebook scam is spreading by posting a link which is reportedly a video of Miley Cyrus with a message "SICK! I lost all respect for Miley Cyrus when I watched this video!" or "SICK! I lost all respect for Miley Cyrus when I watched this video! must above 18 to see this video)@ [link redacted]".
I am seeing about 40-50 people liking this site and link every minute. As usual, do not click on enticing links like these, please make sure to check out earlier Facebook Scams too to learn more about protecting yourself on Facebook.
Do feel free to share this post with your friends and family so that they are aware of it and donot click on the links. I’ll be updating this post shortly with more information about the scam.

How to disable keyboard button

To disable the buttons on the keyboard manually we have to understand about the code map of the keyboard functions on the data value in the registry editor such as code scan code map caps lock button on the keyboard layout : 00000000 00000000 02000000 00000000 00003A00. In order not to function or change functions , the code must be changed according to the expected function . Rather than bother to think about the code , already available tools that serve to disable the buttons on the keyboard . In addition to disable the keyboard , these tools can also be to alter the function keys on the keyboard . With a tool called sharp keys , we can turn off or disable the Caps Lock , windows , Alt , Function keys ( F1 through F12 ) , the Ctrl key , numeric keys and so forth . In addition, this tool can change the keyboard function keys such as changing the functions of the Caps Lock key me.njadi letters or numbers , change the tab button to the enter key and so forth . For more details, see the following screen shot :

How to use it are as follows :
1. This tool is portable so that direct double click to run it.
2. Once open click the add.
3. In the left panel is a series of codes that the keyboard buttons will be disabled or altered function . or can simply click the type of key and press the button on the keyboard.
4. In the right panel is a series of functions to disable or change the functions of a keyboard button or click the type of key and press the button on the keyboard.
5. Once selected click on the write to the registry
6. log off or restart the computer
7. To restore to its original condition , remove or delete an existing command and then click write to registry

How To Disable Facebook Game Notifications And Game Requests

One of things on Facebook which annoy me the most are the Facebook game notifications and game requests. But I have found a way to avoid them. If you too are looking for an easy way to turn-off / disable Facebook game notifications and game requests , then this post would be of some help to you.

Disable Facebook Game Requests

STEP 1: Once you login to your Facebook profile, click on the Account tab located at the top right corner.
STEP 2: Now, there click on Privacy Settings.
STEP 3: Now under the Apps and websites section, you would find Edit you Settings link. Just click on it.
STEP 4: Now, you will find the Game and App activity section, just click on the button placed at the right side of that option. And there from the drop down menu, click on Custom option.
STEP 5: Now, a Custom Privacy window will pop-up, there you under the Make this visible to section, simply click on These People option and from the drop down menu click on Specific People option.
STEP 6: Now in the provided field, enter the name of your friend from whom you receive number of Facebook game requests and the click on the Save button.
Disable Facebook Game Notifications

STEP 1: Once you login to your Facebook profile, go to the Notifications section on the right side of your Facebook page.
STEP 2: Now, click on show all notifications and there click on X on each of the game request, then you can click on the option labeled as Do you want to ignore all the game requests from this user?

That is it! This is how you can disable Facebook game requests and Facebook game notifications.

How To Win eBay Auctions / Biddings Easily | goSnipe |

goSnipe is amazing web service which lets you win eBay auctions / bidding by placing your bid at the last second. You can do this manually also, but sitting there in front of your computer and waiting for the clock to tick is one hectic task.

With goSnipe, your bid is placed on eBay automatically in the final seconds of the auction. You can mention your maximum bid to goSnipe, and this web service is smart enough to take care of your budget while placing bids on your behalf.
Since, goSnipe places your bid right on the last second, your chances of winning eBay auctions / biddings increases exponentially.
To use it, you need to register yourself to this web service. When you place a bid on eBay, click the bookmark and enter your highestbid, the price you are willing to pay to win the item in eBay auction / bidding. goSnipe monitors the auction and it will place a bid for that at last seconds, giving you more chances to win that particular eBay auction / bidding.
There is one more feature which make goSnipe an ultimate weapon to win eBay auctions. You can take part in multiple eBay bidding / auctions simultaneously for a same product, and once you win any of those eBay auctions, goSnipe will cancel the other bidding.
There are many ways to win eBay auctions / biddings, and using goSnipe is one of them.
Happy Bidding!!

How To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook

Yes, this is the name of the web app, ‘Who Deleted Me On Facebook?’ And as the name indicates, this web app lets you find who has unfriended you on Facebook.

Using this app is no big deal. All you need to do is get your self registered to their service and sync your Facebook account with it. And it keeps the track of all you activities on Facebook. So whenever there is some change in your friend list on Facebook, you get a notification via email.
Who deleted me on Facebook
does not offer you with any of the previous information. It infact starts functioning from the moment you sync your Facebook account with it. So start using it and find out who unfriended you on Facebook.
Happy Facebooking!!

What not to do on Facebook?

Facebook has become a new way of life for all those who spend life online in work, business, entertainment and relations. The social networking platform has taken a new role as its advantages were getting more and more apparent and with introduction of new features these are taking new roles. One of the most popular social networking media, Facebook, with over 350 million users has become a new platform of the net. It might have started as only a place where you connect to your old friends and also a place where you can make new friends based on the shared interests. But the widespread usage and popularity can give scope for some, an opportunity to misuse it. There are many angles to this kind of misuse and following discussions points to the things not to do on Facebook. The uppermost concern should be for security or privacy that could be violated by the unscrupulous for various designs; hence the simple precaution on Facebook would be not to use a weak password. A strong password is the one that has combination of symbols and numerals with characters. Even here, takecare to avoid probable words like name of pets or birthdates. Second mistake one can avoid is to give thefull birth date in profile. Identity thieves can misuse this information to gain access to your credit card account or your bank account. Other mistake people often do is not to use the restriction controls one can set in the Facebook account and decide who is going to get access to photos, dates, phone numbers, family information and location. Even if after you think that some “new” friends trusted enough to share more personal information you can still take some precaution not to give unnecessary information like if you are going out for a vacation and you will be away from home. To stop strangers from accessing your page, set “Only Friends” for privacy controls for Facebook search options. Then there are issues that are concerned about how best to use Facebook to your advantage. In that angle certain mistakes mustbe avoided to gain the advantages of Facebook. Your presence must be lively on the Facebook, so that your existing friend and new friends will feel your online interaction worthy. To achieve this avoid giving too much coverage to your unimportant woes or health issues. That will certainly repel every one. Same thing applies to talk all the time about your pet. Another silly thing to do is to send the virtual gifts. It could even irritate if you seriously and repeatedly extend this gesture. Imagine the Facebook page as your drawing room and think about the reactions of your friends if you keep on talking without gauging their interest in your favorite topic. On Facebook the result of this folly would be that you could be ignored altogether!

Children of Bodom–Relentless Reckless Forever (Mp3 Downloads)

Artist: Children of Bodom
Album: Relentless Reckless Forever
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Audio Codec: Mp3
01. Not My Funeral (4:55)
02. Shovel Knockout (4:03)
03. Roundtrip to Hell and Back (3:47)
04. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide (4:10)
05. Relentless Reckless Forever (4:41)
06. Ugly (4:13)
07. Cry of the Nihilist (3:30)
08. Was It Worth It? (4:06)
09. Northpole Throwdown (2:55)


How To Stop / Prevent Facebook Hacking

Facebook has become the most used social networking or any web service on the planet. Figures show that people use Facebook more than Google. So for hackers, hacking Facebook accounts successfully is like a treat. So here is a way to stop /prevent Facebook hacking and use secure Facebook. Have you ever heard of HTTPS? I bet you have. Its Secured HTTP. So far, we have seen HTTPS being used by Internet Banking, Online Shopping and Mail Services sites. The main reason behind using HTTPS is to keep our activities safe from hacking and other unwanted stuff.

Facebook has now realized that with the increase in number of users, ensuring their security has become ultimate responsibility. So, they have enabled HTTPS with Facebook as they are treating Facebook security as THE important thing. So while logging into Facebook, just use HTTPS instead of HTTP and stop / prevent Facebook hacking. This will ensure that you are using a secure Facebook service.
Happy And Safe Facebooking!