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Play Guitar Backwards!

Once again, a tip from Chris Elmore, owner/creater of ElmoreMusic

This is a brilliant article/lesson, with tab, sound and video, where Chris shows you how to play some really fancy and nifty riffs on lead guitar. Just watching Chris's hand movements as he switches between standard and "backward" fretting with his left hand makes you want to stop what you're doing and try that out right away!!

I'm not a lead guitarist myself, but I find with the help of the lessons ( like this one ) generously made available to my Blog readers by Chris and others, I'm starting to surprise my friends at our jam sessions. The look of astonishment on their faces when I add in a nifty lead break on one of the other players' numbers is priceless!

Check out the tip at this link: How to play Your Guitar with your hand 'Backwards'

BTW, Chris has offered a great deal to my Blog readers - lifetime subscription to his fantastic Guitar Tips learning program for an unbelievable $27 ( it was already a steal at $49.95 ).
Just click on the special link below:


Enjoy your music,

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