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Guitar Lesson from Chris Elmore, Webcast from Moeraes Fate


If you love playing your guitar but ...

- Are confused with all the scales you see and don't really
understand them?

- Struggling to change the chords quickly?

- Don't understand the pentatonic scales?

- Can't work out how to use the scales and move around from scale to scale?

Then check out Chris Elmore's latest site at:

You're going to love what we've he's designed for you. Check out the free stuff, If you're impressed sign up for the courses. Chris has been a regular contributor of tips and lessons to my newsletter and blogs for almost 10 years now, he understands the needs of learners, and is a natural teacher.


I also wanted to let you know of a great event happening on Sunday 20th, on www.imagefm.ca, at 4pm Eastern Time, 9pm GMT. ( Check time for for your zone ).

Having joined MySpace and Facebook several years ago, I have hundreds of band on my friend lists. Of all of these, one Canadian band, "Dame", a progressive-power-pop female trio from Toronto really stood out and sparked my interest almost 2 years ago.

Back in August they won Canada's YouDiscover.ca Band of the Year, beating hundreds of really good bands along the way. Among their prizes were a recording contract, and a fabulous gig supporting Styx for a televised New Years Eve special from Niagara Falls.

In the course of the recording arrangements, there was a name change to "Moeraes Fate" ( Greek legend reference ).

So this Sunday you can watch the band play and celebrate the festive season at their Christmas Special on ImageFm.ca. I'm reliably informed they will be sticking to a Christmas theme, so there should be some fun and frolics.

I wouldn't normally stick my neck out, but I think these girls can be part of the future of Rock Music, which is in sad decline right now. You can check out samples of the songs from their new recording on their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/moeraesfateband

Set your reminders! Start time is at 4pm Eastern Time, so adjust to your time zone accordingly - it will be 9pm here in Ireland (GMT).

See you there!