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Improve your sound with effects

Chris Elmore, owner/creater of ElmoreMusic, and co-owner with myself of GuitarBackingTracks has supplied another very useful tip for all musicians struggling to get 'that' sound.

Chris has been playing guitar at the top level for more years than he would want to even think about! It was a logical progression from this to passing on his knowledge and expertise to learning guitar players thru the great courses at ElmoreMusic. His GuitarTips course covers effects and sounds in detail, but he has taken time out to share a few pearls of musical wisdom with my Blog readers. Check out the effects tip below:

Chris Elmore - Improve your sound with Effects

BTW, Chris has offered a great deal to my Blog readers - lifetime subscription to his fantastic Guitar Tips learning program for an unbelievable $27 ( it was already a steal at $49.95 ).
Just click on the special link below:


Enjoy your music,

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