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What not to do on Facebook?

Facebook has become a new way of life for all those who spend life online in work, business, entertainment and relations. The social networking platform has taken a new role as its advantages were getting more and more apparent and with introduction of new features these are taking new roles. One of the most popular social networking media, Facebook, with over 350 million users has become a new platform of the net. It might have started as only a place where you connect to your old friends and also a place where you can make new friends based on the shared interests. But the widespread usage and popularity can give scope for some, an opportunity to misuse it. There are many angles to this kind of misuse and following discussions points to the things not to do on Facebook. The uppermost concern should be for security or privacy that could be violated by the unscrupulous for various designs; hence the simple precaution on Facebook would be not to use a weak password. A strong password is the one that has combination of symbols and numerals with characters. Even here, takecare to avoid probable words like name of pets or birthdates. Second mistake one can avoid is to give thefull birth date in profile. Identity thieves can misuse this information to gain access to your credit card account or your bank account. Other mistake people often do is not to use the restriction controls one can set in the Facebook account and decide who is going to get access to photos, dates, phone numbers, family information and location. Even if after you think that some “new” friends trusted enough to share more personal information you can still take some precaution not to give unnecessary information like if you are going out for a vacation and you will be away from home. To stop strangers from accessing your page, set “Only Friends” for privacy controls for Facebook search options. Then there are issues that are concerned about how best to use Facebook to your advantage. In that angle certain mistakes mustbe avoided to gain the advantages of Facebook. Your presence must be lively on the Facebook, so that your existing friend and new friends will feel your online interaction worthy. To achieve this avoid giving too much coverage to your unimportant woes or health issues. That will certainly repel every one. Same thing applies to talk all the time about your pet. Another silly thing to do is to send the virtual gifts. It could even irritate if you seriously and repeatedly extend this gesture. Imagine the Facebook page as your drawing room and think about the reactions of your friends if you keep on talking without gauging their interest in your favorite topic. On Facebook the result of this folly would be that you could be ignored altogether!