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Instrument Flight Simulator - FAA Approves Logging of Flight Simulator Time Toward Instrument Rating

Private pilots seeking to obtain an Instrument Rating may already be aware that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits you to log 20 hours of dual instruction time in training in an instrument flight simulator toward your instrument rating.
You can spend more than 20 hours using a simulator. However only a maximum of 20 hours is all that is allowed to apply toward your rating. Those 20 hours must be spent with an instructor. And they must be spent using an FAA approved flight simulation program.
At the same time, you are encouraged to use any instrument flight simulator software program for your home PC, to maximize the amount of time you get to practice and perfect your instrument flying skills. There are couple of reasons why the FAA allows you to use a simulator to log instrument training time in lieu of time spent in an actual aircraft:

  • Instrument flight simulator software programs pretty much replicate, down to the minutest detail, the appearance, the behavior, and the performance of the real world counterparts of the virtual aircraft they are programmed with.
  • Instrument flight simulator software can help you offset the costs of flight training, since using a simulator is obviously a lot cheaper than renting an aircraft to go flying. So why not take advantage of as much simulator time as you can? Besides, the more time you spend practicing on the simulator, the less time you will need to spend repeating and reviewing concepts while in the air.

Download and start flying your very own instrument flight simulator today.
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