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Harmonic Vision Music Ace 2 - Consumer Version, Hybrid CD

Harmonic Vision
Harmonic Vision Music Ace 2 - Consumer Version, Hybrid CD
by Harmonic Vision
Platform:    Windows XP / 7 / Vista, Mac OS X
4.5 out of 5 stars(4)

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Review & Description

A good sequel to Music Ace (available separately), or a good first step to practice rhythm and melody concepts. Maestro Max and his choir of singing notes teach the fundamentals of music with narration and colorful graphics; each lesson ends with a game designed to reinforce new concepts. REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 *OR* Mac OSX 10.4 or later; P133MHz - 16 MB RAM *OR* PowerPC/ iMac/ G3/ G4, 68040 25MHz - 5 MB RAM; 640x480 256-color monitor; 5MB free hard disk space; MPC compatible sound card or General MIDI required; CD-ROM drive & mouse. LESSONS: Beat & Tempo; Hearing Rhythms; Review 1 Note Names; Review 2 Sharps & Flats; Basic Rhythm Notation; The Quarter Rest; Key Signatures & Major Scales; Melody; The Measure; Sharp Key Signatures; Notes Longer than a Beat; More Sharp Key Signatures; Dotted Quarter Notes; Flat Key Signatures; Rests; More Flat Key Signatures; Syncopation; Sixteenth Notes; Minor Scales; 3 Sounds Per Beat; The Time Signature; Intervals; The 6/8 Time Signature; Introduction to Harmony. Read more

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