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Some Vocal Scale Exercises That Will Improve Your Voice Automatically As You Practice Them

I want to share with you some vocal scale exercises that will improve your voice automatically as you practice them.
I've got a little twist for you that will make practicing fun!
These vocal scale exercises will help you to increase your singing range. And also help to improve your tone AND take tension off your voice…
Let me tell you the reason these exercises are so effective.
There are certain words that bring about a specific reaction in your voice.
Here's a hint. It has a lot to do with the vowel sound in the words that you sing. Some words have open sounding vowels, while some have a closed sound to them.
Take that word "cat" for example.
Say the word "cat" and notice how it sound "open" and "wide". This is due to the vowel "A".
Now, instead of "cat", say the word "Mom".
Notice how this is much more closed off than the more open"cat".
Here's the secret:
Closed vowels are easier to sing. Much easier. This means that we can use "closed vowels" to practice our singing to train our voices to function correctly.
For example, if you practiced singing a high C with a closed sounding word like "mom", pretty soon your vocal chords would get used to making the coordination necessary for a "high C". Also, you would automatically begin to use the right amount of air pressure to hit this high C every time.
It would eventually get so easy tosing this high C that you would be able to gradually widen the vowel . At this point you would be able to sing any word on the high C.