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Playing guitar solos using the Minor Scale (part1)

In yet another lesson kindly supplied by Dan Denley from his flagship guitar lessons course -Amazing Guitar Secrets - Dan shows you how to use the notes from the Minor Scale, initially focussing on the 'natural minor' scale, and expanding on this to the 'harmonic minor scale'. Dan explains the constructs of the minor scale, and shows you some examples of playing both natural and harmonic minor scales. Of course this is just a short extract, you will learn much more about minor scales in the course itself.

This is another mini-lesson taken from the Amazing Guitar Secrets multimedia course which uses video, audio and animation, with everything backed up in print on the course handbook, to improve your understanding of the concepts of what you are playing. You learn the actual technique from an expert teacher - one who is always on hand, is focussed on your progression, never gets annoyed at having to repeat things over and over, plus you don't have to travel to lessons, and you learn based on your own schedule and time availability!

This guitar tip is almost 8 minutes long, but learning the minor scales is a vital part of the guitar learning process, well worth taking a few minutes in your day to acquire a new understanding and a new technique to help you on your guitar journey.

If the video above doesn't play, click on Dan Denley - The Minor Scale (part 1)

If you're serious about learning guitar, the link to the course is below:

Amazing Guitar Secrets

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