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Explore the world of Chords

Chris Elmore, creator of the ElmoreMusic series of guitar lessons and resources, has once again supplied a short, but very useful lesson for my Blog, which should be of help to all learning guitarists.

Chris has been a top guitarist for years, and has brought all of his experience and learning to the table in passing on his knowledge with the ElmoreMusic ( click the link for more info ) set of lessons. His GuitarTips course covers playing chords, arpeggious etc, but he has created an article showing my Blog readers how these techniques are related and how to be creative with working out neat arpeggios from chord sequence - and vice-versa! . Check out this guitar tip at the link below:

Chris Elmore - Explore the world of chords

BTW, Chris has offered a great deal to my Blog readers - lifetime subscription to his fantastic Guitar Tips learning program for an unbelievable $27 ( it was already a steal at $49.95 ).
Just click on the special link below:


Enjoy your music,

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