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Guitar Made Simple - an article from Chris Standring

I've recently discovered a great new resource, mainly aimed at the learning to intermediate guitar player, but also really useful to those who, like myself, are self taught, and need to revisit the basics to understand what we already 'kind of' know, and correct some badly learned habits.

The course is called Guitar Made Simple (click on the link), and you could do a lot worse than treat yourself to this really focussed learning program this Christmas, if you want 2007 to be the year you become a 'Guitar Player'.

I've asked Chris Standring, the brains behind the course, to supply an article or tip for my Blog readers, and he has given me this insightful article on 'How to Seriously improve your guitar playing', aimed mainly at those who are considering playing live gigs.

As it's coming up to Christmas, he has also offered a chunky discount to my site visitors and Blog family, so click on the GuitarMadeSimple link to take advantage of this kind offer.

Enjoy your music,

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