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Finding chords and lyrics on the net

I received several requests each day to locate chords and lyrics for specific songs, which I may not already have on my website. Generally, I am always pleased to help out, but as the volumes increase, it does take up quite a bit of time, and I only do what the requester could easily do for themselves.

For instance, I received this e-mail request for help recently:

"I request the lyric and Guitar Cord for the song Only Love by Tredemark, Without You by Mariah Carey, Goodbye by Air Supply.I also request the Indonesian song Teman Tapi Mesra by Ratu. It is the latest one. Also Jujur by Radja. TQ."

My response is the advice I would give to anyone searching the web for playable versions of songs they like:

"You should be able to locate these songs quite easily yourself, by searching on Google. If you use the following search terms ( including the quotes )

"guitar chords" "trademark" "only love"
"guitar chords" "mariah carey" "without you"
"guitar chords" "air supply" "goodbye"

you should find at least one version of each song - the advantage is that you will probably find a few versions, and some might suit better than others, perhaps have easier chords, or be in a key that suits your voice.
If you don't have any success, try the same search without the song title - "guitar chords" "air supply" - in some cases google will have indexed a site for the artists they include, but not for all of the song titles, so you may still find a site with the song you're seeking.

The Malay Olga is probably the best place to locate Indonesian bands and artists' music : http://malayolga.name.my/malayolga/. You might also have some success at http://indonesian.lyrics-collection.com"

I hope this helps all of you who would like to play songs by your favourite artists, but haven't been able to locate any help on the net.

Enjoy your music,

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P.J. Murphy
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